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Selecting A Rug Based On Your House’s Rooms


Dec 24, 2021
Selecting A Rug Based


It may help to consider how each space in your home is used when you are trying to choose a rug. Do you want a rug that will soften footsteps from outside your bedrooms? Are you looking for a rug that your toddler can play on and is safe, but comfortable enough to sit down on? Are you looking for something to make your room stand out? These questions will help you decide the right rug for you based on your intended use.

Living Room & Bedroom

An area rug is a large-sized alternative to a carpet if you don’t want your entire floor covered. A living room or bedroom can be well-equipped with area custom logo rugs, particularly if they are placed underneath key furniture like a bed, table, or dining table. You can use them to create zones and enhance the decor of large rooms. You can choose from both synthetic and natural materials for area rugs. It all depends on how much foot traffic the room receives.

Hallways & Stairs

Runners can be used to beautify small spaces like hallways or stairs. They are a great way to break up open spaces and show where the “room” ends or begins. This type of rug is often placed in high traffic areas so it’s crucial to make sure it protects the floor from dirt and damages while still being comfortable to use. A rug made of wool, cotton, or acrylic is a strong and durable choice.


Outdoor rugs must be strong and resilient to resist the elements. Although they are intended to protect your feet from the elements, outdoor custom logo rugs can also serve other purposes. Your outdoor rug’s primary function is to protect your feet in outdoor spaces. However, if you are careful about your design choices and style, it can also enhance your home’s aesthetic.


Modern kitchens can be beautiful, but they sometimes lack warmth. Some kitchens need a makeover, but it is not possible to spend the money. A new kitchen rug can be a simple way to brighten up a kitchen that is old or dull. You’ll need to be able to clean it regularly due to hygiene reasons. Don’t get a carpet with piling. You should choose a flat-weave carpet, which is made of wool, cotton, or synthetic material. It can be easily vacuumed and cleaned with a commercial carpet detergent.

Kid’s Room

Your child’s bedroom rug must withstand a lot. It will be used daily, not only for walking, but also to be rolled, jumped on, and spilled on. It is essential to have a durable carpet that is stain and moisture-resistant. When choosing a rug to cover your child’s bedroom, safety is a major consideration. To reduce the risk of tripping, you will want a rug with a low pile (or none) and fire-resistant material. A flat-weave or low pile rug is ideal. You might also be able to use nylon or viscose, but it may need to be replaced sooner than wool.

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