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Five Things About Aquaguard Slim Tech UV Bar Inline That Everyone Must Know


Mar 12, 2024
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Aquaguard has introduced its newest innovation, the Aquaguard Slim Tech UV Bar Inline Water Purifier, which stands out as one of the slimmest and smartest water purifiers in the market. Featuring a sleek glass exterior, this purifier not only boasts a stylish appearance but also ensures enhanced durability. Notably, it is one of the first Aquaguard with a glass exterior designed to seamlessly fit into the space between a shelf and sink.

In this article, we will discuss five things about Aquaguard SlimTech UV Bar Inline that everyone must be aware of.

Five things everyone must know about Aquaguard Slim Tech UV Bar Inline Water Purifier

1. Slimmest and Stylish Aquaguard yet

Aquaguard Slim Tech UV Bar Inline stands out as the slimmest water purifier currently available. With a sleek design and an exterior crafted from toughened Schott glass, this water purifier caters to customer demands for innovation in the water purifier category. Additionally, the glass water purifier is thoughtfully designed to blend into the overall aesthetic of your kitchen seamlessly. Its ergonomic wall mount design not only saves counter space but also complements various kitchen styles, whether modern or traditional.

2. Smartest Appliance in the room

Aquaguard Slim Tech features a smart LED indicator that displays the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level of the water you consume. This puts you in complete control of the water you drink. Additionally, the purifier includes a sensor capable of detecting fake or partially fake filters and issuing alerts if such filters are detected. The smart LED indicator also provides timely service alerts when the machine requires maintenance.

3. Seamless Blend of Superior Design and Technology

Beyond its slim, smart, and stylish features, the Aquaguard Slim Tech UV Bar Inline water purifier seamlessly combines superior design and technology. The toughened glass exterior ensures the purifier remains smudge-proof against oil, grease, and scratches. The addition of a smart LED indicator displays TDS levels and alerts you when fake filters are installed.

4. Advanced UV Technology

The Aquaguard Slim Tech UV Bar Inline Water Purifier is an excellent option, living up to its status as one of the top UV water purifiers available. Its foundation lies in cutting-edge 5th Generation UV technology, guaranteeing the removal of harmful microbes from your water. Notably, this state-of-the-art Aquaguard is the only water purifier that begins its purification process instantly, without any waiting time.

5. Water On-Demand

The advanced UV technology in Aquaguard Slim Tech UV Bar Inline provides you with purified water instantly with zero wait time. Additionally,  the Ultra Responsive Touch Dispense feature of the water purifier releases and stops water smoothly and immediately without any hassle.

6. Health Protect Technology

The Aquaguard Slim Tech UV Bar Inline water purifier features Health Protect Electronic Authentication cartridges that remove disease-causing bacteria and viruses from your water. Moreover, the health protect technology ensures consistent delivery of safe water at all times.

Take Away

If you are planning to get a water purifier, opt for Aquaguard. They have a wide range of water purifiers with Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet (UV). Additionally, these water purifiers are equipped with Aquaguard’s patented Active Copper and Zinc Technology that infuses the right amount of copper and zinc ions into your water.

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