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Attractive Ways to use Arch Design In your House


Jan 27, 2022
Arch Design In your House


One of the most beautiful and appealing discoveries in the history of design and architecture is the ‘arch’, which is now used mostly for its aesthetic appeal along with its primary function of supporting the long-spanned openings. From the Gateway of India to the present modern Indian houses, the arch has been used over and over again in designing spaces and elevations of buildings. This article will inform you amply about the various attractive ways you can use the arch design in your house.

Materials Used to Build Arches

An arch comprises multiple elements, of which keystone being the most important one. It keeps the arch erect and prevents it from falling apart. Whether you are making a kitchen arch design for your kitchen or an arch design for your dining hall, these are the various materials commonly used:

  1. Stone: The keystone is finished in a loop with the stones dressed and placed next to each. This ensures that the stones are intact.
  2. Wood: Wooden logs are patched with wooden joineries to ensure strength and free-stand.
  3. Concrete: Blocks made out of concrete are reinforced with steel or a shutter with reinforced steel bars and to finish it by concrete filling.
  4. Metal: Metal or steel sections are welded together to produce a metal arch.

Kinds of Arches

  1. Semicircular Arch: Also referred to as the Rounded Arch, it was used to support the spans that served the open spaces. They were placed side by side to form an arcade.
  2. Pointed Arches: This was employed more frequently than the semicircular one due to less thrust produced by the arch action, at the base. This allowed for taller and more intricately spaced openings.
  3. Parabolic Arch: This arch is based on the principle that when weight applied to an arch is uniform, the internal compression produced by the applied weight, will follow a parabolic profile. Of all types of arches, the parabolic arch produces the maximum amount of thrust at the base and can span larger areas.

Ways of Building an Arch

  1. The Entrance

The Arch is the symbol of grandeur. Rather than making a 2D ornamented arch, you can experience the luxury of walking through an arch to enter your house. You can enter your house with an air of grand and affluence with a spanning arch over your head.

  1. The Canopy

The Canopy is that space of the house that joins the interiors of the house with the outside. Just like an arch makes your house stand out and demand attention, the arch provides you the same grandness and opulence as you enter the house. With a long-spanning arch providing you with transition space in the form of a canopy, you need not worry about a change in air and sight as you enter your house.

  1. The Walkthrough

A semi-circular arch is one of the most beautiful and soothing in the list of arches. It adds to your house with a minimalistic style. Wooden finishes and dim lights add to the soothing effect which makes the entrance into the house from the outside and vice-versa, quite fascinating, generating a space full of feels.

  1. Arches with Glaze

It is not necessary that one needs to fill the void of the opening by constructing an arch. You can also have a rectangular door rather than projecting the same curve of the Arch. An arch with glazing allows the natural light into the interior space which illuminates the space and keeps it connected with the world outside. Arches and natural light truly go hand in hand, creating wonders.

Places to Build an Arch in your House

  1. Drawing Room: If your house does not have a canopy and is directly connected to the outside of your house, installing an arch certainly makes things interesting. With most modern homes in highly populated areas, building an entrance is not possible. An arched entrance-cum-drawing room solves your problem, adding a hint of luxury to your house.
  2. Hall/Dining Hall: Arch designs for dining hallsare not very hard to come up with. The transition areas in your house which connect to the hall are great places to have arches. These are the places that allow light and air to propagate and coming up with an arch design for dining halls allows for more observed and lavish-looking arches.

iii. Kitchen: Just like all other portions of a house, the kitchen is also an integral part. Allowing a good amount of sunlight is an important aspect of a good kitchen arch design. A good kitchen arch design will also have arches over the entrance door and the exit door (if it has one). This kitchen arch design ensures circulation of fresh air and offers a passage for the steam and smoke produced while cooking, along with the passage of oil droplets that blow out through the arch.

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