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What is meditation and how it can help us to grow as a Tarot reader


Apr 25, 2021
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If you are into tarot reading you already know a thing or two about the deck of the cards that is behind  the mystical art that’s all rage these days. However, this divine predictive art needs to be seen sans frills  and fluff used to market it by some. Being able to see it beyond its market value is your first step  towards getting deep into it. After all, to use it for guiding people to overcome tough situations in their  lives is your ultimate goal.

To achieve this goal you need to begin with getting an expert tarot teacher with a carefully designed tarot card reading course. Seeing the current Pandemic situation, there are professional online Tarot Course being introduced.  And in the due course you will know that learning about the tarot is all too  well but actually intuitively mastering it takes reaching a heightened level of meditative states.

That could be a catch; especially to those who think that meditation is not for them for various reasons.  Reasons like:

  • They are not religious
  • They are not spiritual
  • They do not know about meditation
  • There’s too much drama spread around in the name of meditation
  • They don’t have any guru to guide them into the process
  • They are not mystical enough.

… And many more like that.

However, if you are reading this blog, you are already in the mode to dislodge your reason (which may  not be among the ones listed above) and look at meditation from a new angle and in new light to uplift  the mystical shroud around the tarot. Advance Tarot classes might already include sessions on  meditation to give you a taste of all this blah-blah. But only when you begin to experience the taste of  stillness and clarity that meditation can imbue, you know what you have always been up to.

What Meditation can do for a Tarot Aspirant?

When you first begin to mediate you will surely chide yourself. Being able to mediate is no mean feat in  any way. And it can take you days, even months before you can actually sit still without worrying about  when you could get up. You might hear various theories about meditation and numerous techniques to  get initiated into the practice and then practice it with all your focus.

Talking to your tarot expert who is guiding you through the cards and opening up this mystical world,  even if it’s an online tarot reading course. She would surely let you know the best technique to help you  still your mind sooner and for longer.

Meditation can:

  • make you self-aware and help you make better choices
  • help you become more intuitive to easily draw conclusion from the cards and spreads • instill concentration and focus to guide better in the given situation
  • put a curb on negative sentiments to help see positives in the obstacles and navigate consciously
  • help you be grounded in the present and to also help the people seeking tarot guidance to be not much impacted by his/her past or possible future
  • assist you in visualizing better future base in present and allow the seeker to believe and live that too
  • enable you to empathize and thus calls for the best possible guidance

It is like one task to achieve multiple solutions and all are directed to make a better tarot reader out of  you. Meditation would certainly allow you to offer what’s the best for the clients, no matter what kind  of situation is hampering their growth to become a better human being.

Meditation for the beginners

If you have just signed up to learn tarot reading online, you can still work on reaching meditative states.  Though you would need the baby step that all begin with, that is setting aside some dedicated time and  then sitting down on the mat with a motto.

Once you get that, you can start to:

  • Focus on your breath
  • Focus on your brow
  • Focus on the sounds around you (without trying to get the meaning and getting into the thread of the conversation)

And if that seems difficult to begin with, there are several mobile apps for meditation like Medito and  Headspace. Visualization is among the best techniques to meditate,

almost transcendental and transformational. You can search free resources on the Internet and then  start on the ones that appeals you the most.

The meditation techniques can assist you long after you have earned your tarot reading course  certificate and help you become a good tarot reader and a better version of yourself as a person!

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