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Top Six Elements to Add to Your Craft Kit


Sep 14, 2021
craft for class 5


Art and craft are fun for both adults and children. In this article, we will talk about the top ingredients to include in your craft kit.

1.      Hot Glue Gun, And Glue Sticks

You probably do not even realize how many times you will need to use your hot glue gun while working on art and craft. They are so useful in multiple situations. You can use it for signs for adhering letters onto wood, for adding ornaments to frames or other decorations in order to spruce things a bit, to mend small breaks and chips in the décor. A hot glue gun is a must-have in craft kits.

2.      Chip Brushes

Chip brushes are useful for numerous purposes and are very cheap. You can use chip brushes for applying mod podge, painting small pieces like small décor pieces and small frames, and dry painting. These are handy to have around and usually cost less than one dollar.

3.      Scrapbook paper or other pieces of décor

Children love pretty scrapbook paper. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of adding a fresh look to the house. Some of the favorite ways of craft for class 5 students is to cover letters for signs and to put papers in frames, for changing out paper in frames for all occasions and seasons is a fun activity. You can change the entire appearance of a room with scrapbook paper with only a few cents.

4.      Acrylic Craft Paint

Per bottle of acrylic craft paint costs only 0.5 dollars. With this, kids can stock up on a couple of their favorite colors. These bottles of acrylic paint are handy for a lot of minor paint projects, for instance, you can use small pieces of wood to use as ornaments or canvas art.

5.      Pallet Boards

Children would love the appearance of the word wood. One pallet board is the ideal size for making multiple signs. You can make lots of pretty boards with a single pallet board. We just need to use more boards in order to make larger signs. Typically, they are free of cost, so nothing could possibly go wrong.

6.      Chalky Paint or Other Sample Paints

For craft kits for kids, it is essential to always keep the chalky paints on hand. The beautiful color of the chalky paint is quite remarkable. Since there is no prep work, they are quite amazing, especially in cases where you just need to give some quick love to the pieces without investing much behind them. When one comes across it, it is better to keep as much as possible on hand. Kids can try to DIY it. You can also try painting furniture with these sample paints for they will turn out great. You can mix them in any color for the cost of only around three dollars each. But before you use it, it is recommended to sand down your furniture so that it sticks better.

Some other essentials are spray paint, random cute fabric, fun embellishments, and so on.

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