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How to choose the right window model


Nov 27, 2020
How to choose the right window model


It is well known that windows are more than important for a home. During the day, they let in sunlight and in summer, they let in the occasional cool breeze.

That the wind blows when the windows are open is one thing, but if it is always the case when they are closed, then there is a problem! The opposite is just as true, especially for winter, when the time comes to heat your house … We want to keep it warm, obviously.

Fortunately, there are several types of energy-efficient windows that will save you money on your heating bill and help you control drafts and the ambient temperature in your Security Door Melbourne!

Energy-efficient windows

If it’s time to change your windows, consider checking the energy performance of the ones you want to install (or will have installed). But before you start changing all the windows in your house, you can also make sure that it is really necessary. Change in order to change is never a winning solution and if we get stuck with our old windows that had no problem, the choice becomes a little less ecological.

On the other hand, if you undertake renovation work, you can take the opportunity to change your windows. Deciding on the installation of energy-efficient windows then brings several benefits. For example, the Rénoclimat program  could help you financially. Watch for current financial aid programs.

For old windows, you can consult the Recyc-Québec site to find out how to dispose of them correctly, depending on the municipality in which you are located.

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RE rating for windows

There are several ways to evaluate the performance of windows. In general, energy efficient products are evaluated for an RE (energy efficiency) rating. It is the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) which is able to establish the method of calculating this rating, which allows, among other things, to calculate the heat gains from the sun, in winter, the thermal losses , which either by the frame, the interlayer (material used to maintain a space between the glass and the window) or the glass, itself and finally, the heat losses by air leaks.

This rating, which is a weighted measure of the factors listed in the last paragraph, gives a rating that is on a scale from 0 to 50 and the higher it is, the better the return offered

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