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Choosing the Right Stream for High School CBSE Students


Sep 14, 2021
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After your class 10, comes the crucial decision of choosing the right stream. Whatever you decide, don’t sway yourself with what your parents, your friends, or neighbors have to say. It is not an easy decision to make but it is the very step that can set you rolling on a certain future career path. Top schools in Mumbai encourage their students to explore their interests and have guidance counselors who can help this cause. Research, explore and take your time to reach the right decision!

What are Your Options?

The broad categories as you are aware of are – Science, arts, and commerce. Gone are the days where only two career aims were to be a doctor or an engineer. You don’t have to be necessarily set on the exact career you want a few years down the lane, but if you do have certain interests and passions explore them. Top schools in Thane offer alternate courses for students who wish to step out of the conventional science, arts, and commerce subjects. Moreover, the CBSE curriculum has always been and is becoming more inclusive of newer subjects. And if you do wish to flourish in either of the three-set streams, you can choose a minimum of 5 and up to 9 subjects of your choice and keep your career path options open.

Tips for Deciding the Right Stream for You

No doubt this is a confusing time for you, but here are a few tips to help you make the decision.

·       Understanding Your Own Interests and Strengths

It is absolutely okay to not have a strong passion at this age you’d like to follow. First, know your options and then evaluate your own interests and strong points. Maybe you have a subject or two you like more than the others or have a better understanding of. Maybe there’s a hobby you’d like to explore. Being self-aware is important when making this crucial decision.

·       To Walk With or Without the Crowd?

More than looking up at the conventional career choices, look outside the box, know what’s trending and will survive the job market, and know what you find intriguing. Even the most conventional career paths can have exciting, obscure, and succeeding career choices. Do your own research and don’t just simply choose the stream your friends are opting for.

·       Actively Research and Know Your Options

The only way to make the right decision out of the available options is to know first fully what they are. Do you enjoy graphic designing? Would you like to explore a career in astronomy? Want a traveling-oriented career? There are many career courses after the 10th you can take to strengthen and secure your future. Top schools in Mumbai have courses and curriculum to encourage students to walk these non-traditional and traditional career paths.

·       Talk to Professionals, Counselors, and Teachers

You may enjoy a subject, doesn’t mean you will necessarily enjoy following a practical career surrounding it. Shortlist your possible choices and talk to experts who have careers in the specific field. Whether it’s someone you know or interact with people on social platforms and make your assessment. If you feel lost, you can always discuss your decision and take advice from your teachers. There are also career counselors who can help.

Hopefully, these tips help you in your decision, and remember you can always explore out of the set academic boundaries!

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