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All You Need To Know About Rustic Interior Design


Jul 22, 2021
Rustic Interior Design


You may have heard of rustic home interior designs but do you know exactly what it means? In a rustic home decor idea, you feature only natural, organic, and historic elements. Farmhouse and Tuscan are a few design styles that can be referred to as rustic designs. In other terms, rustic designs are exactly the opposite of contemporary and modern designs. They appear very bold and unpretentious. You can make a room appear more inviting and relaxing by adding rustic elements to the room’s interiors. This can include anything from furniture pieces, home decor items to the colours of walls used in the room. Experts suggest using colours that have a natural and neutral tone like shades of white, beige, brown, grey, or other warmer tints. A monochrome and muted setup is more appropriate for a rustic design. Mentioned below are a few things you should know about rustic home decor ideas:

01 of 06 Choose only real wood

If you are looking for wooden options for your room decor, consider choosing real wood over fake wood. There are lots of options you can choose for your rustic interiors like wide-planked wood floors, reclaimed wood farmhouse tables, etc. that will easily blend in with the rest of the home interior design. If you find items that appear a little weathered or beat up, do not shy away from adding them to your home decor. A rustic decor thrives on imperfection and not perfection.

02 of 06 Do not forget to add texture

A rusty and stuffy home decor that features natural materials has various textures. The variation in textures depends on the materials you choose for the room. Commonly used rustic decor elements involve wooden items manifesting lots of grains, carpets or rugs made of jute, using raw stone for the fireplace, etc. Be selective while choosing the decor items. You do not want to place anything in the setup that appears awkward and out-of-place.

03 of 06 Handmade materials are better

As mentioned earlier, imperfections are a key element of a rustic home decor idea. Hence, you can consider opting for handmade things to decorate the room. Handmade items have a unique appeal and blend in perfectly with rustic home interiors. Hence, always prefer handmade items instead of store-bought items. However, it is not imperative to opt for handmade items only. Many store-bought items also have a similar appearance and are ideal for rustic home interiors.

04 of 06 Choose bulky and heavy items

Contrary to modern and sleek interior designs, a rustic home design requires heavy and elaborate items. Hence, you should always choose items like wooden dining tables that have large square legs or sofas with deep and dark leather upholstery.

05 of 06 Maintain simplicity

While designing rustic home interiors, you should not focus only on the design of the items. Rather, you should ensure that simplicity is maintained. The pieces you add to the room design should be incredibly simple so that people focus more on the overall home design rather than just one item.

06 of 06 Exposed beams are fine

People do not like exposed beams inside the house. However, this is not the case with rustic home designs. Exposed beams complement the rustic look and perfectly mix with the surroundings. They are very common in a rustic farmhouse or a coastal Tuscan home.

Other common materials used in rustic home interiors

You should always choose earthy materials for your rustic home decor ideas. These can include anything from real and unprocessed wood to different types of stone, real brick, etc. Jute and canvas will look great in your rustic home if you are looking for textiles for your rugs. Linen and organic cotton are preferred for the bedding. However, make sure that all these items have neutral colors.

It is not a difficult task to create a rustic home decor design. You just have to ensure that you choose the right materials like natural items, earthy tones, etc. while designing your home. Also, ensure that you choose only good-quality materials for your home design so that they appear appealing and last longer.

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