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Why the Neutral Palette is the Most Important in Your Make


Apr 29, 2021
Neutral Palette


They don’t stand out on any given day, but that’s exactly why you need them in your makeup arsenal. Not every day can be bold, bright, or glittery. You’ll want to be prepared with the best makeup looks for any kind of occasion, and for that, a neutral palette is the perfect staple. 

Here are some of the reasons they are some of your most important makeup items:

They can stand alone

When you need just a little bit of color on your face, but you want to stick to natural makeup, your neutral palette is what you’ll want to reach out for. First, you’ll want to prep your skin the night before, so it’s time to unbox that face mask online stores delivered to you as part of your latest shopping haul. Then, on the day itself, prime your face and moisturize it before adding your layer of neutral eyeshadows and nude lippie. 

They give that sunkissed glow

If you’re in a rush and you have no time to apply even the most basic eyeshadow, at least dab on your bronzer. This will be enough to give your face that youthful, sunkissed glow, and you can also use it to give a slight contour to your face. In fact, if you have a versatile product, this same product can also be used as your eyeshadow, so you can just carry it with you as you head for the door. 

They go with any outfit

Because they are neutral, they will not clash with the loud colors you choose to wear for an event. This is especially important when you’re doing your makeup before choosing your outfit. Imagine the horror of having a full face of makeup that does not work with the colors you eventually end up choosing! With a neutral palette, you can be safe assured that any outfit will work. Just make some last minute adjustments to your eyeliner if you want to change the vibe you’re going for. 

They make bold colors stand out

One of the best things about neutral makeup is they lend their beauty to your more bold palettes. If you feel like rocking spring colors, a lighter brown shade can tie greens and peaches together. If you want to go edgy, add a bit of cream to your red and black. In the mood for all pink? Make it stand out by contrasting it with a darker brown on your eye crease. You can also go with bright colors for your eyes and a neutral shade for your lips, or vice versa. 

They come in different shades too!

When you think of neutral, don’t make the wrong assumption that you’re only getting one flat palette. Some of them can have shimmers, others can have a more creamy consistency, while others can be a bit darker or lighter–perfect for layering with each other. So if you can take just one palette with you when you go somewhere, a neutral palette will work wonders because you will have a range to choose from, and all of them will work well together. 

Now that you know how hardworking and versatile a neutral palette can be, it’s time to choose the perfect one. Make sure you get a neutral palette that has light and dark shades! 

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