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Some of the Most Famous Cigar Brands


Jul 2, 2021
Some of the Most Famous Cigar Brands


Cigars are something that people like to enjoy, and that is the reason why they put in a lot of effort in choosing the right one. Some people prefer the 601 blue Maduro from the 601 cigars, while some would like the classic cigars from Ashton. The preferences of people vary but, there are some brands that can never go wrong.

Here are some of the most famous cigar brands that make the finest cigars and are loved by people around the world.


Ashton is a very old brand that has been making cigars since the 1980s. The company has decades of experience in making cigars and has one of the finest blends. Most of the cigars by Ashton are loved by all. The secret behind the fine blend and the amazing flavors is the master blender Carlito Fuente who has spent years crafting the finest cigars for Ashton. The Ashton range of cigars includes Ashton classic, and 94 rated Ashton VSG among their fine cigars.

La Aroma de Cuba

This one brand is among the most popular cigar brands ever because one of the most famous people in the world has smoked this cigar throughout his life. Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was very fond of this brand, and he smoked cigars from this brand for the majority of his life. The rich flavors of this brand are the courtesy of the award-winning cigar maker Jose Garcia. This brand has won a lot of awards and is among the finest Nicaraguan Cigar brands.

601 Cigars

The cigar brand created by Erik Espinosa is among the newer cigar brands as it came into existence in the year 2012. The brand makes premium cigars that are made from hands. A great deal of care and effort goes into making every cigar, which makes the cigar of the best quality. These cigars are made at the La Zona factory in Nicaragua. The tobacco used for making these cigars is handpicked from the fields by experts and only long-filler tobaccos which have a unique taste and the unmatched flavor is used in the cigar. The 601 blue Maduro proved to be a success for the brand as this cigar is the perfect blend of spices, earth, and coffee, the three things that can never go wrong when put together in a cigar. With this cigar related to the legendary cigar maker Erik Espinosa, you are sure to enjoy it a lot while smoking it.

My Father

My father is a Cigar brand that is run by the father-son duo of Pepin and Jamie Gracia. Both of these cigar makers are legendary and have made numerous award-winning cigars. Their cigars continue to hold top places in most lists. They are among the only few brands that have got two cigars of the year’s awards. The original 94 rated my father is one cigar from the range that is a classic which never loses its charm.

All of these cigar brands make premium quality cigars and are among the ones that are loved by a majority of people. The choices of people can vary based upon their taste and preferences, so many people may prefer other brands too. Anyone can easily get cigars from these or any other brands online or can buy them from their nearest stores

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