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How You Can Plan Valentine’s Day Surprises with Gifts


Feb 12, 2021
Valentine’s Day Surprises with Gifts


All this while you have been saving social media posts and ideas for Valentine’s Day. Before you could re-think and put them into action, Valentine’s Day has approached. Now, you are thinking about how to surprise your valentine? Well, don’t panic and browse through endless websites just for the sake of it. We have shortlisted Valentine’s Day surprise ideas with a twist. All the surprises are planned with gifts. Gifts are intrinsic to the V-day celebrations, so we thought of coupling both and creating memorable moments. .

  1. Flower Surprise: Red Roses speak of sheer love and romance. Other flowers that are embodiments of love are orchids, carnations, alstroemeria, lilies, anthuriums, etc. Firstly, you would need a bouquet with these flowers. You can avail the flower delivery or make your own bunch, handpicked with love. Write a love message as well. The surprise ideas to follow:
  • Place the bouquet in a vase beside the bed. Let the first sight of Valentine’s Day be bright and beautiful.
  • Morning delivery of fresh flowers. Select the earliest delivery slot like, the 7 am ones and let her receive the bunch.
  • If she is a beauty admirer, then you can decorate the house with flowers for Valentine’s Day. Place flower vases on the tables and shelves. You can create a flower curtain in your bedroom for a romantic celebration or decorate the room with petals.
  1. Cake Surprise: For sweet love confessions, you would need a Valentine’s Day special cake. You can bake the cake for the D-Day or avail online cake delivery at your doorstep because that’s the easiest way. Here’s how you can surprise your partner with a cake:
  • If you are baking the cake, bake a surprise cake. Inside the cake hide heart-shaped candies with messages over it.
  • You can go for midnight Valentine’s Day celebrations.
  • Blindfold your partner, make him/her eat the cake and guess the flavour.
  • Candle-light dinner followed by a sweet treat of a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cake.
  1. Beary Surprise: Cuddly bears for expressing love and warmth. Shop big-size teddy bears for Valentine’s surprise. Girls love teddy bears; hence you cannot go wrong with this idea. You can easily order teddy bears from the gifting portal providing valentine gifts online India. How to go with the surprise idea?
  • Pack the teddy bear in a large cardboard box covered with wrapping paper and finished with a ribbon. Call her up to reveal the surprise.
  • You can tie yourself with a ribbon holding the teddy bear. Paste a sticky note on the t-shirt saying “ I love you beary much, will you cuddle with me?”
  • You can secretly keep the teddy bear in her room with a message card and give her a surprise.
  1. Hamper Surprise: This will be a bumper surprise. Make a Valentine’s Day hamper with gifts like a greeting card, chocolates, rose, and some kinky stuff. Decide on the gifts as per the activities you want to indulge in. Sharing a few surprise ideas:
  • With each gift, add a sticky note instructing your partner about the activity to be done. For example, write on chocolate (Kiss me with your sweet lips or let’s share chocolate love). On the greeting card, you can write down some message with a gesture, Your hug is all I need for now, etc.
  • You can keep the hamper box on the bed, ask her to open and make love with the gifts. This one is classy and the forever to go option.
  1. Potted Surprise: Plants present you the opportunity to love someone the evergreen way. You can buy online potted plants or grow plants from seeds or saplings. How to incorporate the element of surprise in this, let’s see.
  • Bring all the things you need and ask your partner “let’s grow love.” He or she will take the cue and then you can create a mini garden.
  • If you already have a garden, place the potted plant and name it after your relationship or any other name. In the morning, surprise your partner by introducing him/her to the new member of the family.

You can twist and turn these surprises as per your creativity and liking. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, as you wished for.

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