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How to choose a criminal lawyer in Paris?


Dec 20, 2020
How to choose a criminal lawyer in Paris?


A criminal lawyer in Paris is a legal specialist based in “the City of Light” and who deals with criminal cases.

So this is the expert you should contact if you need help solving a criminal case in this city. However, in order for the latter’s mission to be successful, you need to make sure you choose him well.

So how do you go about making the right choice? Find here all the criteria to take into account to choose your criminal lawyer in Paris.

Make your choice according to the nature of the case and the skills of the lawyer

To choose a criminal lawyer in Paris who meets your expectations, you must first of all take into account the nature of your case and his skills.

The nature of your criminal case

A criminal lawyer is involved in several areas relating to criminal matters. Thus, depending on his background and his specialization, your lawyer can intervene for the following cases:

So, before you even think about compensation, you need to know why you want to hire him. A specialized lawyer would logically be more effective depending on your case. To this end, you will find on the site of this criminal lawyer in Paris the assistance you need depending on your case.

The skills of your specialist lawyer

This criterion is much more logical than a rule to be followed blindly. So, to choose the right lawyer to defend you in a criminal case in Paris, you need to make sure that he is really competent.

To provide you with proof of this, this expert in criminal law will have to present his diploma and accreditation to you. Reputation and fame are also excellent indicators of competence for a criminal lawyer. Don’t hesitate to inquire about his past cases, how he handled them, the number of lawsuits won, etc. You can consult the opinions of former customers for this purpose.

The human qualities and the fees of your criminal lawyer in Paris.

The human qualities of your lawyer specializing in criminal law

To properly exercise his profession and meet the expectations of his clients, a lawyer specializing in criminal law must have some human qualities. Thus, the latter must be:

  • ·         Courtois;
  • ·         Available;
  • ·         Rigorous;
  • ·         Methodical:
  • ·         Empathetic, etc.

Kept by professional secrecy, he must also be discreet and have a very good listening capacity. You can learn more about the profession of criminal lawyer here .

The fees of your criminal lawyer

For his services rendered, the lawyer you solicit must be paid. His fees are therefore one of the most important criteria to be studied with the greatest care. Logically, you are not supposed to seek the services of a criminal lawyer who is too expensive for you.

The ideal would then be to make sure that the remuneration of the latter remains affordable. In general, a criminal lawyer receives a rate ranging from 100 to 300 euros per hour. However, beware of too “low cost” criminal lawyers.

Unfortunately, too low a price quite often goes hand in hand with a very unreliable quality of service. In some cases, we are not very far from the scam. This page provides additional details on attorneys’ fees.

The main thing being said, in order to avoid any disappointment during your search for the specialist you need, caution is in order. If in doubt, you can find an excellent criminal lawyer in Paris

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