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Here is what a banking app can do for you


Oct 25, 2021
banking app


The development of a digital banking app has helped people perform financial transactions easily without visiting their bank. More than 68 percent of customers are using mobile or online banking today. The mobile banking payments are increasing, and a study showed that over 6 billion payments were accounted in 2019 across India, and the number is increasing. One of the significant reasons for this paradigm shift in customers’ behaviour is the 24/7 accessibility to the mobile banking service, which is not possible when visiting a bank in person to apply for bank account or to get a bank statement.

The other reasons are the security, easy payment options, tracking of account balances and receiving notifications. For example, with encryption devices in place, the IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile application ensures high security of customer information when making payments or receiving funds. It helps you pay your bills promptly and receive alerts for activities performed on the app. Other than these, a mobile banking app also provides other services. To avail them, you have to register yourself on the app.

How to register for net banking services?

By starting a bank account, you become eligible to use the Internet banking services of IDFC FIRST Bank. Nevertheless, this requires you to undergo the net banking new registration process. This can be done online on theIDFC FIRST Bank’s banking app, which asks for registering your name by providing the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ or MPIN or Fingerprint. Once done, you are ready to use the net banking services.

Various ways mobile banking services help you

The IDFC FIRST Bank’s digital banking app helps you:

  • Apply for a credit card

Almost all banks offer credit cards to eligible customers to help them take care of their financial needs. With a IDFC FIRST Bank’s credit card, you can shop for products or services and make cashless payment. It also helps you withdraw cash from ATM during emergency. A mobile banking app can help you get a credit card by providing your name as given in the Aadhaar Card, date of birth and mobile number. You will receive a one-time password or OTP on your mobile to verify.

Once done, you have to provide some personal details and upload the necessary documents. After the verification, you will receive the card. For shopping, you can activate the credit card app ontheIDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app.

  • Pay credit card bills on time

The mobile banking app of IDFC FIRST Bank helps you make your credit card bill payments easily and instantly on time. You can pay them through NEFT or BHIM UPI. For the purpose, you can set up the credit card bills that enables you to initiate an Autopay to pay the entire amount in one transaction or an adhoc payment mentioning the amount and frequency you want to pay.

  • Open a savings bank account

The major advantage of online banking is you can bank however and wherever you want. It makes it easy to start an instant bank account by logging into your IDFC FIRST Bank’sapp, and providing your identity and address proof and some personal details such as your name, date of birth, contact address, occupational status and annual income. You may also be required to undergo eKYC verification.

Mobile banking scores a point over traditional banking by offering numerous features and tools such as instant bank online facility, notifications, cashless money transfer and Fastag payments, which help control your finance in a better way.

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