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Dave Highbloom Highlights OfficePartners360 Adopt-A-School Program Donation to a Special Education School in The Philippines


Sep 22, 2021


The Company OfficePartners360 (OP360) is an esteemed name when it comes to customer service, technical support, and administrative functions. It has committed itself to all the communities where they have their operations at. Keeping in tune with its Global Social Responsibility, OP360 recently conducted a highly successful Adopt-a-School Program that rendered financial donations to a beneficiary school in the Philippines.

According to Dave Highbloom, the Chief Administrative Officer of OfficePartners360, the school that received this grant is the Don Vicente Rama Memorial Elementary School – Special Education Center. It is one of the eight schools that is situated within the Cebu Province nominated as the beneficiary of the above program.

He has more than 25 years of valuable experience when it comes to establishing and scaling businesses within the knowledge and business process industries with the inclusion of K-12 education, health service, real estate, consulting, and health service.

Computers were given to all nominee schools by OP360

Every nominee school presented theirpriority projects that were later judged and voted by OP360 for the grant of the donation under this special program. The Management Team of OP360 chose the winner, Don Vicente because this school caters to kids with special needs.

The school utilized the grant to buy learning aids like television sets, multimedia projects, a new sound system, and other important things. Multiple computers were given to all the nominee schools by OP360. The company is hopeful that this donation will also assist students struggling with the Pandemic.

Vaccination survey to address hesitancy

Speaking of the Pandemic, OfficePartners360 recently administered a survey to determine and address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy at the workplace. According to its results, 69% of the survey respondents were hesitant to get the vaccine for COVID-19. In order to address the above concerns, OP360 rolled out a COVID-19 Vaccination Information Bulletin to demystify and encourage vaccination. Other private companies have joined the public-private partnership that is unique to Cebu City in the Philippines.

Dave Highbloom says that due to the above efforts, 640 employees of OP360 employees have registered for their vaccination to date. This count is about 48% higher than expected based on the original vaccine survey. The Safety & Health Team of OP360 will coordinate the rollout of the vaccine. The company is waiting for the final vaccination schedule as well as for the assignment of the site for the vaccination. Priority will be assigned to registrant-employees with comorbidities as per the National Vaccination Guidelines. The second round of registration has already been scheduled to cater to its additional staff.

In addition to encouraging its employees to get vaccinated for COVID-19, the company is also enforcing stringent COVID-19 control and prevention measures across the nation exceeding the mandates of prominent government agencies like the Philippines Departments of Health, Labor and Employment, and Trade and Industry. It also plays host to regular information drives on the significance of wearing face shields and face masks in the office, along with offering other health and safety tips on how to control and prevent COVID-19 infections.

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