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Avoid a Road-trip and Take a Flight Instead


Mar 17, 2021
Avoid a Road-trip and Take a Flight Instead


Many travellers often contemplate between flights and road-trips for their journeys. Mentioned in this post are five reasons you should opt for a flight instead of a road trip. Keep reading.

Millions of people fly every year. However, a much larger number drive down to their destination. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, flights can offer various advantages compared to road trips. Let’s look at some key benefits of taking a flight over a road-trip.

Safer: A much higher number of people die in road accidents every year than air accidents. Airlines are regulated by the strict norms set by the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation). From a complete check of flights to strict protocols followed by the ground and in-flight staff, flights are incredibly safe. Moreover, with the advancement in technology, flights are becoming safer by the day. Furthermore, you get exposed to many more dangers when you drive down to the destinations than flying.

Everything is Taken Care of: This has to be the best benefit of flying. When you book a flight, everything is managed. From meals to security to the staff handling your luggage, you have to do little on your own. Once you have handed your luggage at the check-in counter, you can sit back and relax and collect it at the destination airport from the carousel. With a road-trip, you will have to plan for your meals, your luggage, and so much more.

Stress-free: Although movies have popularised road-trips as fun and enjoyable, the reality is often far from the truth for many. From planning the route you would like to take to the pit-stops you’ll have to take on the way, the entire road trip can be stressful for many. Especially when you’re travelling with family, kids, and elders, it can turn out to be a nightmare if you don’t plan well. Flights offer much more convenience. You have multiple flight options to choose from, and once you book your tickets, you can leave the rest to the on-ground and flight crew whilst you enjoy your trip stress-free.

Lesser Pollution: It is often said that flights cause a lot of pollution. While yes, flights do cause pollution, cars are known to contribute more to pollution in the environment. Firstly, the number of passengers transported for the same amount of carbon emissions is more. Secondly, flights use the more advanced and cleaner jet fuel, which leads to lesser carbon emissions. Third, most flights fly at 30,000 feet above the ground level, which means the pollution created is dissipated in the stratosphere and the troposphere.

More Time Efficient: Nothing yet can beat flights in the time it takes to help you reach your destination. A road distance of 6-8 hours can easily take an hour or even lesser by flights. Whether you are flying from Bangalore to Mangalore or Delhi to Dehradun, you can reach in under an hour. Even after you factor in the time it takes to clear security, reach and exit the airports, you can still save a precious few hours by taking a flight.

Thus, flights do offer much more convenience and comfort to passengers. Moreover, thanks to competition among many airlines, the cost of flying has reduced to a great extent. Add the miles that you can earn every time you fly, and it gives a tough competition to the road-trips cost-wise as well. Thus, next time you’re thinking of planning a road trip, take a pause and consider grabbing a flight instead.

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