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7 Great Ways To Improve The Spellings Of Words Quickly


Feb 9, 2021
spelling words for adults


It is never too late to start fresh.Elderly age can be an obstacle in the process of growth and productivity for the people who consider it one. Passion for learning new things shouldn’t be limited to young age only.

As a society we don’t really appreciate schooling in adulthood the reason behind this thinking is the thought that “learning is restricted to youth only and considered as a preparation for adult life but in fact acquiring knowledge is a lifetime process that continues from birth to death”.  

If you want to learn some great ways to improve and polish your spelling learning skills in a minimum time stick with me till the end.

1)  Spellquiz

We  barely focus on developing good learning options and platforms for adults till date which is sad because due to lack of  learning opportunities we find adults behind in modern society. 

If you are an adult who wishes to learn English as a second language but fails to find a platform good enough to understand your learning tactics and to provide you with accurate information and methods of learning spelling words. Well spellquiz is here with some amazing and innovative ways of learning adult spelling words.

Spell quizz is an educational online platform that has more than hundred spelling games for adults along with activities to learn and practice English spelling words for adults who are willing to learn online.

2)  Hook up with the dictionary

If you are interested in growing your vocabulary, a dictionary is a must have, no matter if it is an app or a book. Whenever you come across a new word just hop into your dictionary to find it’s meaning and the next thing you gotta do is to incorporate it in your emails and texts which will enable you to understand it’s use along with the spelling memorization.

3)  Type it

The COVID pandemic and lockdown has helped us to establish a productive and useful relationship with our tech devices. Supposing that you are still keeping that relationship intact because you are going to be typing your spelling words on your desktops until you get familiar with spellings.

The repetitive typing will cause fingers to remember the keys which indirectly feed the spelling in your brain.

4)  Acknowledge prefix and suffix

English language is considered to be one of the most difficult languages because of it’s contronyms and continuous addition of new words in the world dictionary.

The reason of English being the most difficult of all languages is that a slight addition can change the complete meaning of the word and also the familiar sounding words can get you confused in between the spellings so being mindful when learning is necessary.

Acknowledging prefix and suffix will help you simplify words into small segments which lead to better and quick understanding of the word.

5)  Silent letters

Silent letters are a nightmare for people who are struggling with spellings and cause trouble in remembering the actual spelling through the phonetics..

Solution for this spelling nightmare is a bit of brain work. You can practice the word by pronouncing the silent letters too but keeping in mind that it is only for learning purposes once you memorize the word accurately start pronouncing a word in it’s actual phonetics.

6)  Newspaper search

We adults love reading our morning newspaper while sipping on hot coffee. But have you ever tried to learn spellings through the newspaper? if not start today. Go on a word hunt in the newspaper and underline all the new words you come across then find those words on other pages and keep writing down the count. When you are done listing, write each word as many times as it’s repeated in the newspaper and that is how you will learn to spell and use the new word.

7)  Word work 

The best way to practice spelling words for adults is word work. What we actually do in this method is to practice our spelling words by writing it down as many times as the count of alphabets in it.

That is how you can memorize and improve your spellings without actually putting brains in. The longer the word the more you need to write it which is kind of tiring but you will get the spelling on your fingertips.

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