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Top 5 Steel Product For Construction


Mar 5, 2021
Steel Product For Construction


Construction projects are quite sophisticated generally. These use different kinds of materials, from concrete to bricks to numerous kinds of metals and so on. Now, for the last few decades, steel has become the number one material to be used in construction projects. There are few structures that are built entirely by using steel, and at the same time, there are others where steel is used for framework. Steel offers great tensile strength to the buildings. Steel is used in buildings in different forms, shapes and sizes. In Nepal, Priority given to the Best steel company for various steel products and services. Properties like resistance to corrosion and oxidation ensure that the building retains its strength for years.

Steel Bars

Steel bars, like TMT bars, are used in concrete structures. Concrete structures are strong, but since they have a very low tensile strength, they happen to fall apart under pressure. Steel bars offer the missing tensile strength to the structure contributing to its overall strength and longevity.

Steel Pipes

In any kind of construction project, steel pipes play a major role. Steel pipes are used to ensure the flow of liquid from one part of the building to another. The quality of steel pipes vary depending on the type of building or construction project. Industrial application requires tougher steel pipes. These could be positioned either inside the building or outside, depending on the grade of steel used to produce them.

Steel Pipe Fittings

Steel pipe fittings are crucial as they help connect the two or more pieces of pipes together. The quality of steel used to manufacture steel pipe fittings depends on the grade of steel used in steel pipe. The overall grade also depends on the type of construction project or the sector.

Steel Tubes

Steel tubes are used mainly to make railings in different parts of the building. They are also used to make other structures. Depending on whether the structure will be installed inside or outside the building, the right kind of steel tube needs to be selected for the construction project.

Steel Beams

There are certain buildings that are made entirely out of steel. To make such buildings, steel beams are used. These beams are layered or erected together, and then joined using various techniques. Generally, such Steel structure require comparatively less amount of time to be built. Such buildings are considered to be stronger than regular buildings. Also, they are believed to have higher tensile strength.

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